What Is Hidden Gems Local Edition?

Hidden Gems Local Edition is a downloaded program that you can run on your own workstation or server [64-bit Windows and Linux Only]. Here are some of the benefits:

  • No imposed file limit - your only limit is your computer hardware.
  • Automated comprehensive analysis by asking "Can I have everything on the menu?". This means you can choose a file and Hidden Gems will run every analysis against every column for you. No need to pick and choose!
  • Perfect for sensitive data- everything is run locally (after you activate, you can run entirely offline)
  • When Hidden Gems is running locally, anyone on your local network can connect and use the app- share with your co-workers!
  • [For Developers] Local Edition gives you access to an HTTP REST API. Quickly add automated binary classification and regression machine learning to your existing apps!
  • [For System Administrators] Local Edition can be hosted in IIS! (Instructions are found here)
  • [Licensing Note] What you are buying below is an activation key that will allow you to activate Hidden Gems Local Edition under 5 different user profiles (or on 5 different machines). If you need more than this or run out of activation keys, just let me know!

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