Hidden Gems

Privacy Policy

We'll keep it simple

Hidden Gems WILL do the following:
  • Create and exit computational threads when it runs
  • Log generic site activity to a log file (such as the site loading or when the status of an analysis is requested)
  • Securely send your data from your computer to the computer where the app is running (Online Edition will send to our site hosted on Microsoft Azure, while Local Edition will keep your data on your computer)
  • Create temp files needed to execute its operations which will contain your data in some form
  • Read Windows certificates
  • Read Windows registry keys necessary to execution
  • Read local DLLs necessary to its execution
  • Communicate briefly with Microsoft- Example: 5:50:15.7484985 AM HiddenGems.exe 4000 TCP Send MyPC:62392 -> SUCCESS Length: 201, startime: 360136, endtime: 360143, seqnum: 0, connid: 0 (NOTE: This is the largest packet I see being sent- I expect this is statistical/usage information but I have no control over it)

Hidden Gems WILL NOT do the following:
  • Store your personal data or usage statistics in a central location other than as described above
  • Store your personal data or usage statistics other than as described above
  • Sell your data- because we don't have it!
  • Any other nefarious thing you could think of

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